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cheesytoast post #8 { +39 icons }

I only ever seem to update things when I'm meant to be doing something else. In this case, my International Relations assignment and interviewing people at a resort for my Reporting assignment. But I'm sick. That's my excuse.

But anywhooooo. I recently got Adobe Photoshop CS2 (I was using a trial of CS4 before) permanently for my laptop so I should be able to update this more often. I experimented with colours, cropping and just random textures in this batch. I just wanted to do something different from what I normally do. Which is why there's no Supernatural in this batch!

Wait. There's one. I was close.

01 - 19 Final Fantasy XIII
20 - 26 Muse
27 - 38 Top Gear
39 - Supernatural / Dean Winchester

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cheesytoast post #7 { + 29 icons }

...Or the Post of Experimentation!

With nothing else to do but worry about university and well, worry about university, I chose to just fuck around on Photoshop during some stress less time. And I came up with a few Supernatural icons! Mostly I just messed with textures and colours and Muse lyrics. And, most amazingly, I managed to stop myself from making them primarily Misha/Castiel!

I think I deserve a cookie.

01 to 29 Supernatural

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cheesytoast post #6 { +58 icons }

So it's 2am. I obviously can't sleep. I really need to get into some kind of sleeping habits before I start university.

But anywho. I've got 58 icons here. Multifandom again (one day I'll start delegating posts to just one fandom but uhhhh... deal with it for now) and a lot of these are really really really really old (almost two years old...). So I'm kind of dumping them. I don't like some of them but others I'm quite fond of. I did a fair bit of experimenting, especially with the HP and FFXII icons. I kind of rushed the SPN icons and am planning on doing a lot more from that particular episode since I love young John and young Mary. Especially Mary. She's awesome. So that's probably my next post and will be coming soon since hey, I'm still on holidays and what the hell else am I gonna do?

01 to 12 Final Fantasy XII
13 to 23 Harry Potter (movie cast)
24 to 47 Muse
48 to 58 Supernatural episode "The Song Remains the Same"

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cheesytoast post #4 {+ 56 icons }

So Supernatural is officially my favourite TV show again, and In the Beginning was the most emotionally gripping hour I've ever spent on the couch. But the major plus for the episode (apart from seeing Misha Collins' delicious blue eyes) was the fact that so much of it was in sunlight and hence, easier to icon than the average Supernatural episode! YAY!

A lot of these are older icons, there's a gap of about 3 months between some of these.

01 - 19 WWE Divas
20 - 22 Robert Downey Jr.
23 - 30 Robert Pattinson
31 - 43 Supernatural (4x03 In the Beginning)
44 - 44 Adam Hills
45 - 48 Daniel Radcliffe
49 - 56 Cardcaptor Sakura 

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cheesytoast post #2 { +136 icons }

+136 icons
001 - 075 WWE
WWE Divas [Mickie James, Melina Perez, Beth Pheonix, Maria Kanellis, Victoria, Natalya Neidhart, Jillian Hall, Candice Michelle and Ashley Massaro]
- WWE Backlash 2008 [Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge, Divas]
- WWE Raw [Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho]
- Various Wrestlers [Chris Jericho, CM Punk, MVP, Batista]
076 - 095 Final Fantasy XII
- Characters [Balthier, Vaan, Penelo, Ashe, Fran, Basch and Nono]
096 - 100 TNA
- TNA Knockouts [Jacqueline, Velvet Sky, The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) and Gail Kim]
101 - 116 Twilight
- Characters [Robert Pattinson as Edward, Kristen Stewart as Bella]
117 - 118 Ben Barnes
119 - 121 Cameron Diaz
122 - 124 Hayden Panetteire
125 -130 Rachel McAdams
130 - 136 Scarlett Johansson


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001 - 008 Enchanted
009 - 011 Stephen Colbert/Colbert Report
012 - 034 Hairspray (2007 movie)
035 - 052 Hayden Panettiere
053 - 063 James Marsden
064 - 066 Kirsten Dunst
067 - 069 WWE Diva Mickie James
070 - 075 Twilight movie (Edward, Rosalie and Alice)
076 - 082 wwelims entries and variations of entries
083 - 086 Miscellaneous (Prison Break/Transformers, Gossip Girl and Summer Heights High)


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